Open Access Websites

Archaeologia Polona

Archaeologia Polona is a peer-reviewed journal edited and published in the English language annually since 1958 by the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, intended for an international audience. Its main purpose is to present a wide range of various approaches to the most important problems of contemporary archaeology. Many of it’s articles are freely available to download as pdf’s.


Archaeopress publish the BAR British Series and the BAR International Series of monographs. They also have an OpenAccess Policy for you to freely view or download entire (selected) monographs – all they ask in return is that you cite the documents correctly.

English Heritage Archaeological Monographs

English Heritage has a long tradition of producing highly illustrated archaeological monographs about key sites and topics of importance to the understanding of the historic environment in England. Many of the past titles have long been out of print and yet are still of value for reference purposes. There are currently a large number of fully illustrated monographs dating from 1979-2011, all freely available to download as pdf’s.


There are a few useful books on here, I won’t list them all, but go and find them in the relevant sections. You will need to download an extension to use this website.

Open Anthropology

A public journal of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). It describes itself as the first digital-only, public journal of the AAA, a pilot experiment envisioned as a way of “opening up” anthropology. Each issues focuses upon a different theme.

Open Journal of Archaeometry

The Open Journal of Archaeometry is a new, peer-reviewed, Open Access, international scientific journal published by PAGEPress Publications. It is devoted to the publication of research articles, short communications and review papers on every aspect of archaeometry. Archaeometry – also known as archaeological science – applies scientific techniques to the analysis of archaeological materials. As a promotional activity, all articles accepted for publication in the Open Journal of Archaeometry will be published completely exempt of any charge (according to their website 23/05/2015).

STAR: Science and Technology of Archaeological Research

This is a new, peer reviewed, open access journal, published by Maney Online in association with the Society for Archaeological Sciences.


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