Online Resources

These are freely available viewers and sources of information that are very useful

The main website of the National Monuments Service.


  • Archaeological Survey of Ireland’s National Monuments Viewer (see below)
  • Monument Report Forms (you’ve just discovered a new monument – well done – go report it!)
  • Codes of Practice (between state, semi-state bodies and the NMS)
  • Publications
    • Policy, Guidelines, Advice Notes
    • Survey of the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland (6 volumes, 17 counties covered)
  • Licences (‘Consent Application Forms) for:
    • Excavation
    • Detection Devices (Geophysics – including Metal Detecting)
    • Dive Surveys
    • Minister’s Directions
  • RMP Maps and Manuals (List of every RMP, per county)
  • National Monuments in State Care (List of every National Monument)

Archaeological Survey of Ireland’s National Monuments Viewer

Provided by the National Monuments Service, Department of the Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht


  • View, query and identify every known/recorded archaeological monument in the Republic of Ireland (search by monument type, townland, town, county, RMP No. or drawn shape)
  • Download the records for use in tables, databases or CAD/GIS
  • In addition you can display the monument on a background view of
    • modern OSi map
    • 2010 Aerial Photos
    • Cassini 6-inch map
    • Historic 25inch map
    • Historic 6inch map
    • Hybrid of Aerial Photo and OSi maps
  • Detailed descriptions of each monument (this is being constantly added to and improved, but not every monument has such detail at the moment).

CUCAP – Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography archive from 1947 onward, which can be queried via a map search.

Geological Survey of Ireland Public Viewer

Extensive database that can be queried and downloaded in tabular format and as GIS layer files.


  • Search by map, query by townland name, coordinate
    • Seabed Survey
      • Irish Shipwreck Database
      • Bathymetry Water Depth
    • Geohazards
      • Landslide locations
    • Geological Heritage
    • Quaternary
    • Minerals (and quarries)
    • Groundwater (includes soil moisture and drainage – National Recharge)
    • Geotechnical (borehole logs and soil content)
    • Bedrock Datasets
    • OSI Datasets

Irish Shipwrecks Database

Searchable database of ships and wrecks off the Irish Coast.


  • Search by Ship Name, county, date of loss, official number

Whilst this website provides a good list, you should also try, the Geological Survey of Ireland Public Viewer, which allows you to download shipwrecks as a layer file for GIS applications and provides extensive location information.

Logainm – Placenames Database of Ireland


Robert M Chapple’s Catalogue of Radiocarbon Determinations & Dendrochronology Dates

Robert M Chapple has created a database of every published C14/dendro date that he can get his hands on. It’s not every date – but with more than 7,000 dates gathered, it’s the biggest such resource in existence!


  • Downloads as an Excel table, from there you can do whatever you want with it, sort by date, site name, county, publication etc.

Shallow Geophysics

This Scoopit, curated by Martin Roseveare collects together selected international articles about the use of geophysics to explore the near-surface.



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