Academia and Authors worth checking

Below is a selection of some authors that I’ve noticed regularly upload their work to Academia. If you’re reading this and you’re not on the list, don’t be offended (!) and please tell me about yourself! This is a work in progress and suggestions are always welcome.

I’d also direct you to Robert M. Chapple’s blog on how to create your own `Ultimate Library of Irish archaeology and history` (which fittingly is also available via Robert’s Academia page).


Academia.Edu – Hints and Tips

In my experience if someone has a paper listed on Academia (but not uploaded) there may be ‘ownership’ issues, particularly for journals (which have recently begun to ‘fight back’ and have asked some authors to take down their work). However, most researchers want people to look at their work – so if it’s not uploaded, drop the author a line and ask if you could get a pdf or print copy for your own personal use. The worst they can say is ‘no’ (or not respond), and you’ll have lost nothing!

Some of the url’s on Academia will change if a researcher moves to a new place of study, but generally you should get a redirect or you can just google them.

Commercial Reports on Academia

Many researchers are now uploading their excavation reports – these are typically commercially derived products of archaeological excavations. They are a fantastic source of primary information that can otherwise be easily overlooked due to their often infrequent publication. Why are they not published? There are many reasons but mostly relate to ownership – who owns the report? The director of the site, the person that wrote the report, the company that dug it, the client that paid for the work? By popping their reports on Academia, archaeologists can get their research out to the wider world.

I’ve not included a list of technical excavation reports here, simply because they are so numerous – check out for the definitive list of all excavations in Ireland. Instead of listing them all here, I’ve chosen to add ‘EXCA-REPS’ after an author’s name if I’ve noticed they include technical excavation reports on their Academia page, so you can find them easily.

Aidan O’Sullivan

Cormac McSparron EXCA-REPS

Marion Dowd

Fiona Beglane

James Bonsall

Robert M. Chapple EXCA-REPS

Stefano Campana

Stuart Rathbone

Vince Gaffney

Can’t see your name here? Tell me all about yourself…


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