Over the last few years I’ve found that a number of colleagues are uploading important papers, books, theses, etc. to Academia.edu and other file sharing web sites. The trouble is, you can’t download them all (where would you put them?) and sometimes you just don’t know what is out there.

It’s not just online papers and books though, there are lots of very useful databases and web-viewers that have been developed that allow archaeologists to do an awful lot of research from a computer. So here is a selection of what I consider to be useful Archaeological Science Resources (with an Irish geographical bias) that you might not find in a library, but which has been put on the web for you to look at.

For papers and books etc., I suggest searching via keywords that are relevant to you e.g. if you want an article on Crannogs, search (CTRL+F) for ‘crannog’, but I’ve also put them in a thematic list as well, which duplicates many entries that have multiple themes or keywords.

Please feel free to send me any additional works that you think would be useful.

Dr James Bonsall MIAI





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